What We Do

We offer an easy way of lobbying. You make a bid on the paragraph you want to improve. And then you improve it. We offer the infrastructure so you can focus on the important bits and pieces. DSMA UnLimited is your trusted companion. Lobby work has never been more effortless and ...fun.

Our Services

We offer automated price calculations for lobbying:

All our prices are calculated through a proprietary algorithm that takes into account several components: an assessment of the term’s rarity in the European Union’s whole legislative corpus, the global market price according to the search and advertising engine’s data, and the level of intelligibility of the sentences.

Art 1.

Subject Matter and Scope

1. The purpose of this regulation is to contribute to the proper functioning of the internal marlet by laying down harmonised rules ensuring contestable and fair markets in the digital sector across the Union where gatekeepers are present

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