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DSMA Unlimited is a fictional company. Our business model is selling the European Union Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations sentence by sentence. The company's goal is to turn legislative data into financial assets while allowing companies and individuals to own the law and shape it to their advantage.


Lobbying is the act of private interests influencing public policy and legislation. Some would call it bribing - but doing so legally. Often companies and corporations are the only entities that know the intricacies of their business. Therefore, their input in legislation is indispensable. Lobbying also gives NGOs and activists the possibility to influence legislation. However, the process is nonetheless intransparent: Brussels, where the most important EU decisions are being made, is a mecca for lobbyists. The city harbors 25000 lobbyists, but by far, not all of them are registered. The financial resources at their disposal are estimated at a minimum of €3bn. Naturally, the institution of lobbying puts tremendous power into the hands of wealthy, privileged, or influential individuals and interest groups, which can be destructive to proper democratic processes.


The trilogue is a tripartite format in which the three European Institutions (the Parliament, the Council, and the Commission) negotiate the final articles of a legislation project. First, members of each institution create a draft proposal. In the meetings that follow, "trilogues,” the most convincing and consensually agreed-upon version is adopted and approved by representatives of each institution. This is a lengthy process that entails multiple iterations.

Companies, individuals, organisations, and consortia that want to have a say in drafting a law attempt to intercept representatives involved in the trilogue process and influence them through a lobbying process to modify the articles in order to support their mission and values.

Companies, individuals, organisations and consortia that want to have a say in the drafting of a law try to intercept representatives involved in the trilogue process and influence them through the lobbying process in order to modify the articles to support their mission and values.

2022 Data Dumps

During the drafting process of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Acts, big tech players tried to lobby for their interests.

Thanks to the Corporate Europe Observatory, who put forward a Freedom of Information request to Swedish EU politicians, we had access to a comprehensive list of documents that testify to the attempts of meddling from hyperscalers.

Spotify and the music streaming consortium "Digital Music Europe" were some of the most active players, outlying forward multiple suggestions, and engaging in lengthy exchanges with politicians.

Alphabet even copied the format with which European institutions usually present their drafts, adding a column with their suggestion. Again, the visual metaphor is potent.

Our Calculations

Our proprietary calculation software is based on the principle that not only hyperscalers should be able to put forward these resolutions.

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